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AGILEEE: learn the atmosphere from two short videos

Video of Danko Kovatch on Motivation 3.0 and Agile

Video of Gojko Adzic on Challenging requirements

Video of Askhat Urazbaev and Nikita Filippov

Watch Askhat Urazbaev and Nikita Filippov talking at AGILEEE 2011 on “Inside Iteration Zero: simple steps to make great products”

More videos are published here >>>

Keynote by Elisabeth Hendrickson (@testobsessed)

Video keynote by Alistair Cockburn

Video of an opening keynote by Dr. Alistair Cockburn on Effective Software Development In The 21st Century: The New Face Of Software Engineering.

More videos are coming!

Video of Andrea Provaglio at AGILEEE 20111

Enjoy the video of Andrea Provaglio talking on “Overcoming Self-organization Blocks” at AGILEEE 2011.

Andrea Provaglio

More videos are coming soon.

Video J.B. Rainsberger “The Extreme Decade: Progress, Pain, Paradox”

Enjoy J.B. Rainsberger’s keynote talk:

“The Extreme Decade: Progress, Pain, Paradox”

Video: Keynote by Jurgen Appelo

Keynote by Jurgen Appelo “How to Change the World”

Video: Damon Poole on Scrum and Kanban

Video from a main-stage talk by Damon Poole “Scrum and Kanban Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter”

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